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Printable K-5 Science Worksheets, Tests, and Activities

Printable Elementary Science Worksheets -

Challenge students to explore the natural and physical world with this collection of science worksheets and activities.

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Worksheets noted with (NGSS) support Next Generation Science Standards. Select the worksheet link to view the alignment note in the upper left corner of its page. Search for NGSS questions to see all content available.

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Life Science

From what organisms need to survive to habitats and life cycles, use these elementary life science worksheets and activities to supplement and support your life science teaching.

Earth and Space Science

The Earth is a complex system. Introduce elementary students to concepts related to Earth systems, its place in the universe, and how human activities impact our planet with this growing collection of K-5 Earth and Space Science worksheets and activities.

Physical Science

From the early grades, students must develop an understanding of energy and matter and its interactions. Use these worksheets to support your physical science teaching and allow students to discover the roles of matter and energy in their worlds.

Grades K-2

Scientific Methods & Skills

Asking questions, modeling, and carrying out investigations are practices that all scientifically literate students must master. Introduce elementary students to these fundamental skills and methods with our scientific methods and scientific skills worksheets.

More Elementary Resources

Use our search tool to go beyond elementary science worksheets and find elementary worksheets for other subject areas, including ELA, Math, and Social Studies.